Management Of Equality And Diversity

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Be able to influence the management of equality and diversity in own area of responsibility.

The table below highlights the observations and evaluation that I have conducted for the implementation of the University’s launch of the Equality & Diversity Framework. The observation includes suggested actions and a timeframe on areas where I could influence or have responsibility and authority to change.

The University implementation plan was to deliver the strategy through the development of a strategic equality and diversity framework that enables it to:

• Develop a long-term vision and action plan for the University on its priorities and objectives in the area of equality and diversity.
• Set objectives to which the Institution as a whole is committed to achieving.
• Mainstream equality and diversity considerations into all the University’s functions and activities.
• Assess the impact and equality proof key policies and procedures.

Observations and Evaluation Action & Responsibility Date
Written Policy on Equality Issues in Place

The University introduced a comprehensive Equality & Diversity Framework document in September 2010. The document included all 9 of the protected characteristics.

Since the launch the document hasn’t been reviewed and this needs to happen so that it can be aligned with the activities in the new University Strategy which had just been rolled out (April 2015)

The large print version on the intranet is a different version, though only one or
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