Management Of Equality And Diversity

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Be able to influence the management of equality and diversity in own area of responsibility.

The table below highlights the observations and evaluation that I have conducted for the implementation of the University’s launch of the Equality & Diversity Framework. The observation includes suggested actions and a timeframe on areas where I could influence or have responsibility and authority to change.

The University implementation plan was to deliver the strategy through the development of a strategic equality and diversity framework that enables it to:

• Develop a long-term vision and action plan for the University on its priorities and objectives in the area of equality and diversity.
• Set objectives to which the Institution as a whole
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This comes through strongly in the communication on the intranet site and in the accompanying documents. Data & reporting
The University has comprehensive reporting mechanisms and these are transparent and accessible to all. Annual reports are available to check progress against the Public Sector Equality Duties.

However, the University missed an opportunity to gain important Equality & Diversity feedback from the recent Staff Survey, just as a review of the E&D Framework document is required.

-Feed this back to the Communications Team and HR Director (MS)

June 2015
Policies and procedures to support Equality & Diversity Issues
The University has robust procedures in place to carry out reviews and Equality Impact Assessments of Policies and Procedures in Human Resources.
The outcomes are available on the staff intranet.

However, the process can be very protracted and a mechanism needs to be developed to streamline these EIA procedures.

The EIA’s in place and that have been carried out have strengthened the policies and procedures and instigated updated policies.

-Look at ways to speed up the process or perhaps produce a timetable (Diversity Team/MS)

August 2015

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