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GREEN it Management of Information Technology (BCO6653) Abstract: INTRODUCTION LITERATURE REVIEW Academic Literature: Green IT Fundamental: () says that Green IT indicates that information technology should be environmentally rich. In simple words we can say that green it makes an organisation more environmentally efficient. IT basically the design, use and management of the computer systems at any level be it individual or organisation. Green IT is a combination of multiple features such as cost of wastage and recycling, environmental efficiency and sustainable environment. As mentioned by () It is important to know that there are direct and indirect impacts of Green It. The direct impact decreases the effect of IT on environment and…show more content…
• Environmental benefits of green IT: Green IT benefits the environment by reducing the emission of toxic and hazardous substances into the air by 15 percent (The climate Group, 2008). • Social benefits of Green IT: Embracing and encouraging Green IT improves the corporate image of the firm (Yudelson, 2009). This is an effective way to meet the sustainability demands of the customers and employees. • Economic benefits of Green IT: By reducing, reusing and recycling the IT components, large amount of money is saved for the organization. Incorporating Green IT into their business norms, Though there are many positive impacts, the two major benefits are environmental sustainability and cost reduction. When and Why to Initiate Green IT (Molla et all 2008) recognised five main success factors depending on the assessment about the willingness of the organisations to adopt Green IT initiatives. These factors are namely approach, plan, practices, governance and its current situation technology. all these factors collectively determine if an organisation is ready to adopt green IT initiatives. green IT initiatives mainly include belief, action and outcome. the focus of this category are the factors that drive an organisation to adopt green IT. Green IT does not focus just on the technology but also on different practices. One such example is the institutional theory which argues that the reason for an organisation to

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