Management Of Quality Customer Service

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Management of Quality Customer Service

In any business the customer is the most important component. The customer numbers and frequency determines the company 's profit and loss. The number and frequencies of a customer are dependent on the quality of goods they get from your business while in the service industry, it is all about good customer service. Good management of customer service leads to customer loyalty.

The management of good customer service involves the following;

Making the quality the norm
This process entails making sure that the customer service staffs go the whole way to make sure that they help the customer in the best of their ability.

Honesty and politeness
The virtues politeness and honesty should always be …show more content…

All the efforts done to improve the quality of service provided ranges from the reduction of time from when the customer comes in the Centre to the moment he or she leaves.

Another important aspect is how the customer is handled at each step of the whole procedure. For example, from registration, the customer is given a personal assistant who, depending on his condition, will push him in a wheelchair or guide him to the diagnostic room. This is a value adding tactic in that it saves a lot in the time taken from one stage to another and also makes the patient the most vital part of the whole process. This action creates a good rapport between the patient and the staff, especially the customer service staff.

Another important whether the customer service staffs always do a follow up on the patient, regardless of their conditions. These shows the Centre 's sincere concern and overall well wish to the customer. The customer service-people do this by making phone calls, sending text messages reminding the patients about their appointments, and when to visit for checkups.

Setting Up Achievable Goals
In the medical Centre, customer service serves as a department which has set its goals. These goals are set not to act as a mode of punishment and to motivate the customer service staff. As each member strives at their level best to serve every customer, they act to the best of their ability, increase the value of quality offered, and

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