Management Of Workforce Capability And Capacity

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I interviewed Kit Mantz the Secondary Director for the district. Kit served as a principal/vice principal for three years at Whitehorse High School (WHS) before accepting a position in human resource and now the secondary director. This paper will discuss capacity and capability as it relates to the district and his time as principal at WHS.
A. Management of Workforce Capability and Capacity: Mr. Mantz likes to analyze the whole situation, knowing the environment, knowing the mission, vision, and goals. In analyzing the situation he said, “you’ve gotta understand the dynamics of the surroundings, which includes knowing your mission, vision, and goals. The workforce also becomes a key component, and you have to understand it very well
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Mr. Mantz said: “you have to understand who you are getting and what you can do to develop them. You want to make them successful, because in the event you lose them you may not have another choice (March 1, 2017).”
Good leader needs to be able to identify teacher capabilities, and in what capacity they best fit in the school to reach the organization 's goals and provide resources to help teachers, and grow their capacity to become effective. According to Mantz, the tricky part is putting enough pressure on them for continual growth in meeting the vision of the school, progressing quickly, but not to the point where teachers become overloaded, and want to quit. Two years ago, the district had five teachers resign mid year. Teachers need to be pushed to meet the desired results, but there must be a balance, or they leave. Increased professional development after classroom observations has helped teachers strengthen capabilities through evaluations. Teachers make goals, then, are provided formative feedback early in their teaching experiences, which builds capacity, and provides more flexibility in the master schedule.
The district beefed up the professional development for new teachers, especially those in the ARL program. Doing so has helped expand teachers capabilities which in turn increases their capacity in the school. In order for a school to be successful in reaching their mission,
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