Management, Organizational Behavior, And Systems Theory

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Management is a leadership role of someone who works with resources and people to set and achieve goals to make an organization successful. There are many different approaches to management that a manager might use to help discover any problems and make proper decisions to solve anything that might go wrong. When it comes to contemporary methods there are four ways that a manager might utilize working with people, technology, resources, and the internal and external environments. These include sociotechnical theory, quantitative management, organizational behavior, and systems theory. Also, there are parts of an organizations internal and external environments that may alter the effectiveness of these four contemporary approaches and how a manager might makes decisions. To begin, using the sociotechnical theory approach to management, a manager will recognize the interaction between technology and employees in an internal work environment. When giving the correct knowledge, training, and tools, an employee will effectively produce goods and services that are valued by the consumer. Ultimately, using this type of management creates great teamwork and will give an organization a competitive advantage. Another approach that managers might use is the quantitative management approach. It is not quite as effective when using it alone and should be used as a supplemental tool. This approach uses technology and mathematical models such as forecasting, simulations, and analysis and
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