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The Toyota Global Vision Akio Toyoda President Toyota Motor Corporation 1. Thank you for taking the time to be with us here today. I will take this opportunity to describe for you our newly drafted Toyota Global Vision. 2. The word “vision” conjures notions of quantitative targets for things like sales and operating income in some sort of time frame. What we have prepared is a vision of a different kind. We have sketched the outlines of the kind of company that we want to be. We have identified the values that we want to cherish. Our vision is thus a qualitative rendering of our ideal for Toyota and of the path that we will take toward bringing about that ideal. The executives responsible for our regional operations will determine the…show more content…
“Through our commitment to quality, constant innovation.” This is what I have been 2 emphasizing in continually calling for us to make “always better cars”. It is a commitment that is in our DNA at Toyota. True to our DNA, we will continue to reinvent ourselves. We will tackle constant innovation to position ourselves in the vanguard of technological progress and to provide automobiles that will satisfy evolving needs in every region. 11. “Respect for the planet,” of course, is a special emphasis at Toyota. We will continue striving to minimize environmental impact throughout the vehicle life cycle, from the manufacturing of new cars to the scrapping of end-of-life-vehicles. We will do that in developing and refining a state-of-the-art production system that minimizes waste. 12. I will skip here to the statement, “We will meet our challenging goals by engaging the talent and passion of people.” All of us at Toyota will set high goals for ourselves in the name of making great cars and in the name of making the most of our individual potential. When I mention the “passion of people”, by “people”, I am referring not only to those who work for Toyota, but also to our customers and numerous other stakeholders, with who’s strength and opinions we hope will help us achieve the challenges we lay out before us. 13. We conclude the vision with the reminder that we at Toyota are people “who believe there is always a better way.” Every kaizen improvement is the beginning of
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