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For many of us, finding a career that we deem fun and long-term is in itself a long journey. But having a successful career in life is not just for the rich and famous, it's also for the average person. We as humans are prone to look at successful individuals like Oprah or Bill Gates and assume that somehow they became wealthy and innovative overnight, but it truly took many years, time, effort, and perseverance. Choosing a career is an involved process that is based on a number of things, including your interests, skills, work-related values, and personality. And of course salary and bonuses take not the last place in our decision. I am doing my MBA program and I have to choose the field in which I will devote my life. I am interested…show more content…
 They can serve as a financially rewarding investment for someone with a long-term financial strategy.  They can offer some tax benefits. PART 4 The job descriptions are accurate. However, job descriptions are wish lists. Based upon the jobs that need to be done, employers write job descriptions to create ideal candidate profiles, including job responsibilities, necessary qualifications, preferred qualifications and, of course, other duties as assigned (just in case they forgot something). The chances of an employer finding a candidate that matches the description perfectly and is a good fit with its organizational culture is somewhere between slim and none. If an employer has listed ten key qualifications and you have seven of these qualification; you are probably a viable candidate. If you have two or three, probably not. Highest Salaries By City International Marketing Manager Jobs 1. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ($65,011 - $104,805) 2. San Francisco, California ($63,678 - $115,498) 3. Boston, Massachusetts ($60,000 - $116,800) 4. Denver, Colorado ($54,495 - $110,150) 5. Chicago, Illinois ($56,993 - $99,159) Human Resources (HR) Manager Jobs 1. Alexandria, Virginia ($63,394 - $88,825) 2. San Jose, California ($56,239 -$91,282) 3. Washington, District of Columbia ($56,767 - $92,107) 4. Anchorage, Alaska ($60,496 - $80,380) 5. San Francisco, California (62,076 - $88,538) Financial Planning & Analysis Jobs Highest Salaries By
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