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At its most basic level, the green economy is the clean energy economy, consisting primarily of four sectors: renewable energy (e.g. solar, wind, geothermal); green building and energy efficiency technology; energy-efficient infrastructure and transportation; and recycling and waste-to-energy. 1 The green economy is not just about the ability to produce clean energy, but also technologies that allow cleaner production processes, as well as the growing market for products which consume less energy, from fluorescent lightbulbs to organic and locally produced food. Thus, it might include products, processes, and services that reduce environmental impact or improve natural resource use. 2 Our review of 25 regional…show more content…
On the horizontal axis, businesses move from those that produce green products, such as manufacturers and food processors, to those that sell green products or participate in the green lifestyle economy, such as farmer’s markets and local park maintenance operators. Production industries produce goods that can be exported and imported between regions. Lifestyle or consumption businesses are local-serving only. Business categories located in the middle of the horizontal axis contain both production and consumption aspects. Within the green economy, businesses interact with and are influenced by the government agencies, universities, non-profit organizations, unions, utilities and trade associations in the regional innovation system . Karl Burkart defines a green economy as based on six main sectors:[4] * Renewable energy * Green buildings * Sustainable transport * Water management * Waste management * Land management File:Definitions green economy.svg Links between definitions of Green Economy The three pillars of sustainability. The Global Green Economy Index™ (GGEI),[5] is published annually by consultancy Dual Citizen LLC. It measures both perception and performance of 27 national green economies as judged by expert practitioners and 3rd party indicators and datasets.
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