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Being a manager takes a great deal of hard work, dedication, and persistence. In order to achieve the goal of becoming a CEO, necessary skills of a manager must be developed and then achieve the skills and confidence to succeed. Since managers are leaders, leadership skills and cross-functional leadership skills must be developed. Lehman Brothers, a global investment bank, emphasizes the importance of “leadership potential and initiative, as well as problem solving and technical skills.” The management training program will provide a plan of action to strategize and grasp all the necessary skills in a short time to fulfill the goal of becoming the CEO.

First and foremost, managers must identify weaknesses, polish up strengths, and
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By taking the initiative to volunteer to lead the members without being tyrannical, colleagues would evaluate that I have good overall leadership qualities.
Decision making is the key responsibility of being a leader. A good decision maker knows how to assess the problems, come up with a variety of solutions and evaluate the most effective solutions. In learning how to assess conflicts, variables in the company should be addressed to achieve the best resolution. In order to decipher the factors that are relevant to key decisions, it is imperative to understand which criterion is more important to Skilos Inc. The company may have factors that are fixed and unchangeable because they run the key parts of the business. There may be other factors that are variable and not as important, which could be used as part of solutions. The bottom line is whether the fixed or variable aspect is eventually changed, it is important to understand all the elements which are driving the business in order to find the best solution from the big picture. After finding the answer to the problem the next step would be to discover how to execute decisions effectively so that the decision would be the greatest conclusion for Skilos Inc. In the end, the decision must be confidently executed and the evaluation will reflect the detailed planning that has taken place with the company’s goals used as good measure.


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