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In the past, knowledge is the most important factor to assist organization in getting success. With the development of information technology, human beings enter the Information-Explosion Era. Besides, organizations meet much more new challenges. Information instead of knowledge, getting more and more important in modern market. The key to survival and building of future dominance is getting much more information than competitors. Managers from its literal meaning are the persons who manage others. Therefore, organizations need good managers to help them coordinate team work and solve problems effectively and efficiently. According to Mintzberg(1973), managers have three roles which are informational roles, interpersonal roles and…show more content…
It is believed that these roles have a interrelationship, and affect each other. Mintzberg(1975) state that a key part of the managers’ job is the processing of information. People, purpose and organization structure consist of structure. No matter managers deal with people or identify purpose, they always involve information. Managers are neither helpless nor all powerful(Robbins, Bergman, Stagg & Coulter, 2008). Gibbs(1996) propose that environmental complexity increase the frequency of informational roles. Besides, Harrison and John(1996) say that stakeholder relationship can affect other organizational outcomes and performance. The following case will discuss how manager manage external environment work as informational role. With the globalization of economy, Hemisphere Hotel(Aus) plan to set up a new hotel in India. Managers of hotel need to identify the stakeholders who they are. Stakeholders can be customers, competitors or government. Firstly, managers seek the information from customers, competitors or other stakeholders and combine with organization internal information. Then, managers share the information with each other to assess the new project. Next, managers make decision about how critical each stakeholder. Finally, managers determine the special approach to manage stakeholder. Stakeholder management is a ability to absorb information and interpret information differently.( Harrison and John1996) Because
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