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Case 1 McDonald’s: Grilling Up an Empire 1. Describe some of the management challenges McDonald’s has likely faced in its expansion internationally. McDonald’s has been a staple in the restaurant business for as long as most of us can remember. It has achieve around the globe, but not without overcoming a fair amount of challenges in its pursuit of the title “King of Fast Food”. The basis for the entire business is ethical, truthful and dependable. It takes time to build reputation. McDonald’s has developed a successful strategy for operating their fast-food enterprise across the globe. This strategy has been one that is developed based on existing operation as well as the local cultures and customs…show more content…
McDonald's Managerial Levels in Typical Business Board Of Directors on top of the top managers, there is a board of directors and those people represent or elected by the stockholders to establish corporate management's policies and making the decisions on major corporation issues. These are the example of the board of directors in McDonald : Andrew J. McKenna, Susan E. Arnold, Robert A. Eckert, Enrique Hernandez and Jr. Jeanne P. Jackson. Top Managers after the board of director. The top managers which is composed of the chief executive officer (CEO), chief operating officer (COO), chief financial officer (CFO), chief information officer (CIO), president and vice president. Top managers are responsible to be a good planner as they have to make decisions that will affect the entirety of the corporation. They will identify the goals for the organization and direct the middle manager, first-line managers and workers to work hard and achieve the goals. Middle Managers are the one who direct report to the top manager. They have the responsibility to carry out the goal that set by the top managers. Middle managers more focus on the team work or linking group performance compare to individual performance and they always support and supervise first-line managers. Middle managers also work with first line managers to identify new ways of reaching organizational goals. First-Line
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