Management Performance Evaluation Of Employees

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Managers’s play a huge role in performance evaluation of employees. There are several factors that contribute to how managers assess performance evaluation, these components are orientation, training, development, feedback, and annual performance appraisals (). Human Resource managers are important to the performance appraisal process, because they make sure that the appraisal is fair, detailed, and the managers are handling the appraisals professionally(). In order to properly ensure that the performance appraisals are conducted in a fairly, HR managers need to make sure that the appraisals are non-discriminatory. As an Human Resource manager it is important that the managers who conduct the performance appraisals are properly trained on…show more content…
Performance evaluations can also aid in helping an organization reach their future goals. They allow managers and employee to sit down and think strategically on how the organization can reach their goals in the upcoming year. Not only does it give an opportunity to achieve the organization 's goals, but it also can encourage employees to set their own standards and goals on themselves for the next work year. Using performance appraisal can ultimately assist organizations on reaching their strategic goals and giving them an internal advantage against competition. If performance appraisals are not done properly, this could lead to many negative consequences for an organization. The first thing to recognize when doing performance appraisal it takes a long period of time to properly conduct performance evaluations. It can become extremely stressful and overwhelming to managers, because they have to evaluate all of their employees. This can lead to managers having a negative attitude towards performance reviews. Another issue with performance appraisals is if they are mishandled during the process. If a manager is poorly trained and is not knowledgeable in how to properly carry out these appraisals, a bad review could lead to an extremely negative and hostile work environment for the manager and employees. This could also lead to possible legal issues for the organization if they are not careful about the procedure in which they use
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