Management Plan For A Executive Director

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Management Plan The COPE staff consists of 5 permanent employees and 6 interns. To transform COPE’s vision, the Executive Director will communicate with the Public Relations and Media Director, Finance Director, Program Manager, and Office Manager. The Public Relations and Media Director is in charge of all outreach and promotion COPE. The Finance Director will be in charge of the financial aspects of the campaign. The Program Manager will oversee the organization activities and daily operations. The Office Manager will oversee hiring interns and managing volunteers. These executives delegate tasks to their respective interns to accomplish the goals of COPE. Figure 1 shows the organization structure of COPE Board of Directors The Board…show more content…
Public Relations and Media Director The Public Relations and Media Director of COPE is Valerie Kondratova. She works as the liaison between the media personnel and COPE by serving as the spokesperson and main contact person. She monitors the media for any issues that may impact COPE and devises a plan of action to solve problems as they arise. She is in charge of organizing and preparing articles, press releases, and other content initiatives (Srinivas, 2015, para. 9). Her goal is to raise awareness about domestic violence in Copenhagen and COPE’s mission. Figure 3: Valerie Kondratova Public Relations and Media Director Finance Director Stephanie Contreras works as the Finance Director at COPE. She leads a team of interns that have a background in finance. She is in charge of creating and ensuring that the fundraising plan is followed and that COPE generates enough financial support (Srinivas, 2015, para. 14). She provides financial reports to the Executive Director to prove that COPE has the ability to be sustainable. She insures COPE receives funding from donors and the government and also makes sure that money is used to support COPE’s mission (Srinivas, 2015, para. 14). Ms. Contreras also contacts potential donors and also maintains the websites that are used to fundraise money for COPE. The finance director is in charge of implementing fundraising strategies to offset the costs of running COPE and does regular audits
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