Management Plan For A Project Manager

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Management is an integrated process that persons belonging to organizations involved to plan, organize, execute and control activities, all of which are directed towards the objectives and continuous in time. Order management process runs smoothly, the system is required, and a solid organizational structure. In these organizations, all activities must be directed towards achieving this objective. The organization serves as a container for pouring concepts, management ideas. So it can be said that management is a set of responsibilities that are closely interlinked.
Qualifying will be needed for a project manager?
It takes skill are 4 points, respectively owner, user, environmental, and Team. That is, when a project manager dealing with the owner (Business Commissioner) can provide information such as financial conditions cost / budget Set a risks to be faced in the future. When talking with the user, May be invited to use the project results both lobbying and persuasion. Then, when speaking with the team should have technical expertise, can direct, and certainly should have managerial skills. Recently when talking with the environment in this case, government / environment may require approval / purchase agreement will be for the project.

The discipline of project management in the era of 1950s, American people primarily use the science of project management. Henry Gantt can be said to be the father of management science project, and its name has
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