Management Plan For Hotel Management

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Hotel management has to implement the new strategy to increase the occupancy rate. The business travelers are the valuable customer for the hotel. The reason behind this is that the business travelers are the loyal customers of the hotel. So hotel management must provide them the state of the art services. According to the feedback from the 100 customers the management have decided to come up with the new strategy. The different departments of the hotel are involved in the development of the plan which is listed below: Maintenance Department: The maintenance staff must be the part of the team. Support manager has to keep the things within the hotel maintained and in working condition. This includes the plumbing, maintenance of electric appliances and various other things. Quality control: Head of the quality control department is also the part of the team. The responsibility of the quality control sector is to ensure the quality product or services to the client. They have to work with the collaboration of the other departments of the organization. Human Resource Department: To keep the internal and external relations of the hotel smooth. The presence of the human resource department in the team is necessary. The aim of this department is to ensure the healthy relationship between the employee and the management of the hotel. To increase the performance of the organization and the occupancy rate. The company must follow the standard and ethical rules. Employee training
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