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Management Planning Presentation Travis Williams © BP 2006 Oil section BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2007 © BP 2007 Functions of Management Function of Management Steps: 1. Stick to a system approach the system the same way every time 2. Focus on the future with specific goals, i. e. , be specific and plan accordingly 3. All employees should be aware of the company’s goals and work together toward them. 4. Plans and goals should be as detailed as possible to avoid crisis situations. 5. In addition, to ensure that your company avoids a crisis, multiple strategies and plans should be on hand. 6. Formulate step by step plans, with goals for each step in the process. 7.Be sure to include all employees in…show more content…
These plans are not only being revised and developed to increase preparation in case another similar accident occurs, but much money is being invested into these plans. Specifically, money is being invested to purchase safety equipment.  Another issue that affected BP’s plans is that its machinery was outdated and its pipelines were damaged. To prevent any additional accidents or further damage to the environment or to people, BP is in the process of preparing an Operating Management System.  BP is not only motivated by the recent oil spill but also by its desire to create healthy and environmentally friendly energy sources. For this reason, BP will continue to evaluate and revise its business plan and develop new plans and technology to reach this goal. BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2007 © BP 2007 Direction of British Petroleum  Although BP has had a recently bumpy past, the company is now focused on the future. BP’s main goal, in looking toward the future, is to continue to act in an ethical and moral way and to continue to improve safety and energy efficiency.  In order to reach these goals, BP must not only repair its existing equipment but must also continually develop new products and equipment. Another way to reach these goals, and to improve the way BP is viewed by the public, is to research and implement new ways to conduct business in an environmentally

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