Management Principle, Management Theory, and Management Practices

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American Military University
Monique Outerbridge

Every organization utilizes different types of management techniques, practices, theories and principles. Each organization utilizes their own practices as it correlates to their organizations’ mission, goals and culture. What works for one organization may not work for the next. In my opinion, I believe that multiple management practices can work for an organization. The best way to determine which practices will be beneficial to an organization is as simple as trial and error.

Formally defined, the principles of management are defined as the activities that “plan, organize, and control the
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But now in the Navy I currently work on a 200 ton ship. My work environment is arduous, industrious and at times very dangerous. I would definitely say that the typical management practices don’t work for my work environment. But fortunately some of them do work and they work very well.

Being in the military, most military members don’t have the traditional jobs, work schedules, and working environment. When deployed I can work up to 18 hours days up to 7 days a week. Working such grueling scheduling it takes remarkable leadership and management skills to keep individuals in my work environment working steadily and keep morale at optimal levels. Within the military one of the most important theories in management is the Behavioral Management Theory.

The Behavioral Management Theory works well within the military because it emphasizes understanding of human behavior at work, such as motivation, conflict, expectations, and group dynamics, improved productivity. In the military, especially during times of war it is crucial to understand human emotions and behaviors. For example, in the Navy we are literally a floating city with in excess of 4,000 Sailors and Marines. These 4,000 Sailors and Marines are made up of different races, cultures and socioeconomic statuses. Every one of the individuals onboard experiences a different emotion at any given time. As a leader it is important to acknowledge that and
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