Management Reflection

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In the first week of lecture and study we began the discussion of the major key points in chapter one. These key points included: what management is, the benefits of management, the four principle functions of management, seven challenges associated with management, the pyramid of power in management, skills/roles managers have, and the connection between entrepreneurship and management. Within these major points I have expanded my mind on the overall responsibilities managers plays and the various roles associated with those responsibilities. For example, before the start of this class, being that I major in construction management, I’ve always see a manager as a person who simply oversees goals and accomplishes them through the organization of people. Even though this is not incorrect within the chapter I have found that through the four principles of management also involve planning, leading, and controlling whatever it is that you need in order to accomplish an overall main goal. Externally I do this every day in my normal life through time management, organization, working to becoming a natural leader, and controlling my overall life. In college, everyone is enrolled in an organization with the overall goal being to graduate with a degree(s). Another thing I learned within chapter one was the pyramid of power associated with management. I’ve always know that there is someone you always answer to whether it be a CEO or owner but in my mind I’ve never associated as a
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