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A "Reflection" Paper composed for Business Management Reflection Paper I am pleased to reflect on my experience this semester in Business Management 3510. I feel that it was a successful class which taught me a lot regarding how to function in a team and as an individual. Personally, I do not enjoy classes that don’t challenge me. I have always been one to persevere through difficult situations and challenge myself by undertaking complex tasks. If I am presented with a class that doesn’t meet my intellectual standards I have a habit of making things harder than they have to be in order to challenge myself. That’s why I was content in Business Management 3510, I found the team activities, fun, challenging, and stimulating. I…show more content…
Unfortunately, the industry and his company has many regulations so he couldn’t meet with out entire team, though he could meet with one person. Before meeting with Bill, I knew I’d have to have some questions at the ready. Since I didn’t want to get too detailed in the presentation and wanted to keep it mostly simple, I stuck to the basics. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and all kinds of investment options. We talked for an hour until he had other appointments. It’s amazing the knowledge you can gain from just an interview or even in-depth communication with a person who is knowledgeable in a particular field. The Functional team presentation was a huge success in my mind. I feel that our roles were very much evened out. I took on role that suited me very well and I think the presentation was better off with the fresh perspective. With investment perspective, I think it was a pleasant change and offered some excitement to the class and the team while working on the presentation. Although I feel that our presentation could have been better if we rehearsed it more thoroughly, in the end I think it exceeded our expectations. Through the Functional Team presentation I was able to learn more about the environment I will be subjected to once I enter the Investment Banking world, although not to its fullest extent. During my interview with Bill Zizzi I asked him if he enjoys his job and if it offered a variety of experiences.
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