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iBizSim: International Business Simulations: Management Report Industry 3 Company 2: Preset name (please change): Industry 3 Company 2

September 24, 2012 Period number 0

1. Company 1.1 Decisions with effect in this period Lean management Payment of dividends 1.2 Results Company fixed costs Total throughput time Single shift Double shift 1.3 Indices Lean management [accumulated value] 350,000 Euro 600,000 Euro 70,000 Euro 2 %

40 days 25 days

2. Sales 2.1 Decisions with effect in this period Product policy Alesa Bordo

200,000 Euro 200,000 Euro

Germany Price policy: Sales price Alesa Bordo Communication policy: Advertising, sales promotion Alesa Bordo Distribution policy - Marketing logistics: Planned transport quantities
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Production 4.0 Messages Single shift. 4.1 Decisions with effect in this period Alesa Bordo

Planned production quantity Production priority

96,000 1

36,000 units 2 priority number

Total quality management Production technology Total overtime per period Sale of machines Personnel appointed Training of personnel 4.2 Decisions with effect in the next period Purchase of machines Notice of dismissal of personnel

80,000 Euro 180,000 Euro 0 hours 0 machines 11 persons 80,000 Euro

0 machines 0 persons

Start using the 2nd shift in the following period? 4.3 Results Machine capacity Capacity in previous period Installation of new machines Sale of machines Capacity in this period


175 0 0 175

machines machines machines machines

Personnel capacity Fully trained in previous period Newly trained personnel Retired or left Dismissals from previous period Fully trained in this period Newly appointed personnel Total personnel in this period 350 11 11 0 350 persons persons persons persons persons

11 persons 361 persons

Alesa Production time Rejection rate Quantity produced Finished goods inventory Initial stock Delivery

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