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1.0 Introduction
This report is presented to Senior Management team. The aim of this report is to provide an analysis of Vietnam and Steve Madden brand. In addition, this report also gives solutions to consider the opening of new branch of Steve Madden in Vietnam.

Steve Madden is a company from USA that manufacture footwear. Nowadays, Asia becomes the good prospect for western countries to expand their company to earn more profit. Vietnam is one of the developing countries that can be a good place for Steve Madden to expand a new branch there. However, Senior Management is not sure the best choices to enter the Steve Madden brand into Vietnam.

This report covers only SWOT analysis of Steve Madden, business level strategy, market
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If they can do this successfully then they can generate brand loyalty. This makes it difficult for potential entrants because it will be more difficult for them to win new customers (Gillespie 2007, 195). Steve Madden has the advantages of the brand background. Steve Madden day to day becomes a conversation among people in Asia. With the presence of Steve Madden competitors, proving that footwear business can grows in Vietnam.
Competing in a new industry requires a firm to have resources to invest. Capital is needed as inventories, marketing activities and other critical business function. Defense industries are difficult to enter because of the substantial resource investments required to be competitive. In addition, because of the high knowledge requirements of the defense industry, a firm might enter the defense industry through the acquisition of an existing firm. But it must have access to the capital necessary to do sit (Hitt 2009, 50).
Cost disadvantages independent of scale are moderate. Many fashion footwear customers are brand loyal and are reluctant to try new fashion footwear. Additionally, previous aggressive marketing campaigns have increased not only brand and individual product name recognition. Government policy is a low entry barrier, as all manufactures in every industry are subject to factory safety laws.

3.2 Bargaining power of buyers
Vietnam is a young country, with an incredible 65% of the population under the age

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