Management Report on Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd

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1.2 Objectives

The main objective of this report is to gain a practical knowledge of management of an organization.

1.3 Scope of the Report

The report will be concentrating on a distinct organization on the basis of the concept we have got from our study of Principles of Management. We also take help from other sources. It will not contain in-depth study from any other source accept some books and interview of some manager of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

1.4 Methodology

• The entire report was dependent solely on secondary data, taken from the annual report of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and books.
• Some primary data were obtained by interview.

1.5 Limitations

The limitations to produce this report are as follows:-

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• Foresight Power

To achieve a certain goal, an organization may have different strategy. They need to depend on the time and environment. They basically do plan for 2-3 years and can be more then that. So, if the organization doesn’t have any forecasting power then it’s not possible for them to set any appropriate goal.

• Time to Time Monitoring

After setting the goals the organization should monitor the overall performance and they also should revise the total strategy.

8.0 SWOT Analysis

8.1 SWOT Analysis- Strength

8.2 SWOT Analysis- Weakness

Some time they offer some products which are costly. Like Amcofin-5 (Tk. 3) produced by Incepta- A very new pharmaceuticals company
Amcofin-5 (Tk. 3.50) produced by ACME
Amcofin-5 (Tk. 4) produced by Square
So, here we can see that they are not using the cost effective way to manufactures drugs. By a very limited survey, we got to know that they a problem with the employee which is employee turnover. They are facing this problem for quite a long time. So, now it’s turned into a weakness for them. They have got any big success in this field.
They have a little problem with their distribution in the urban area. In the urban area they need a bit more time to supply their drugs. 8.3 SWOT Analysis- Opportunities

. Square pharmaceuticals can easily expand their market in
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