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Question 1
Megahertz Technology Solutions, Inc., recently suffered a discrimination lawsuit. Advice to improve its workforce diversity is likely to include understanding the value of differences, providing diversity training for employees, building on similarities, and
Correct Answer: making fewer assumptions. Amelia has made a conscious effort to become an active listener. Therefore, she shuts down her computer, turns off her cell phone, and asks her assistant to hold all incoming calls when she conducts interviews. What technique is she using to improve listening?
Correct Answer: Controlling her surroundings
Question 3
0.75 out of 0.75 points According to research, what percentage of our work time is
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Correct Answer: True
Question 23
0 out of 0.75 points Lines between social and professional networking have been clear; and as a business communicator, you must strive to keep those boundaries distinct.
Correct Answer: False
Question 24
0.75 out of 0.75 points When preparing your script for a podcast, include some redundancy: tell the listeners what you will tell them, then tell them, and, finally, tell them what you have told them.
Correct Answer: True
Question 25
0.75 out of 0.75 points Which of the following situations is most appropriate for sending an e-mail message?
Correct Answer: Chris must send the monthly sales data to his department.
Question 26
0.75 out of 0.75 points You are delivering your salary and benefits proposals for employees in your department to your supervisor. What is the best communication channel to deliver this confidential information?
Correct Answer: Interoffice memo
Question 27
0 out of 0.75 points Travis has asked you for some advice regarding the use of social networking in the workplace. What advice will you share?
Correct Answer: Establish boundaries, and don 't share information online that you wouldn 't share openly in the office.
Question 28
0 out of 0.75 points You are crafting a message for your corporate blog. What advice should you follow?

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