Management Should Have the Right to Allow a Union in the Workplace or Not

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History shows that there has been conflict of power within the workforce between union and management. This essay will discuss if management should have the right to determine whether a union should operate within their workplace. It is necessary first to discuss the roles of unions and management in the workplace and discuss both points of view on the power distribution between unions and management in the workplace. The rise of industrial age led to the rise of industrial factory systems. As the industries grew larger as well as the workplace, it required more employees. As the employees grew in the workplace, their relationship with the employer became less personal hence individuals lost power. (History of Labor Unions Summary &…show more content…
In fact, the unitarist management views trade/Labor unions and government-mandated Labor standards as unnecessary. If management is applying effective policies and has good communication with its employees then conflict will not be an issue, hence conflict is seen as a result of poor management. Management with this frame of reference tend to be against unions and government intervention hence will not want unions in their workplace. However, many manager and employees tend to see their workplace or firms in unitary term and are happy with their situations. So in order to avoid conflict management will provide a better working environment, decent wages and work flexibility. However, this perspective is market based because if the company with these frame of reference have goals that are not met, maximisation of profit, then they will tend to cut cost in order to meet this goal. This will lead to several cuts in the workplace such as bonuses, paid leaves and so on. The pluralist frame of reference in management is a complete opposite of unitarist view in terms of unions. The pluralist management perspective consist of employees and employers bargaining in imperfect labor markets in the presence of pluralist conflict. Pluralist conflict is an employment relationship consisting of multiple interest such as employers might want flexibility, intense pace of work, lower Labor cost while employees might want

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