Management Skills Vs. Law Enforcement

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When it comes to management skills, especially in law enforcement, different styles are put under a microscope and tend to be judged more quickly and harshly than other professions. In larger departments where turnover and promotions are more frequent, these differences can appear even more pronounced. In the 2 years I have spent in my current assignment, I have had 4 Sergeants on myshift (third), a new Lieutenant, and a new Captain. While the stress of their new positions and added responsibilities is obvious, it appears that it is often overlooked how those who serve under these various supervisors have to constantly adjust to an ever revolving door of leadership styles.
While there is no other job similar to law enforcement, success is still often defined as the "speed of promotion within their organization (Robbins and Judge, 2015.)" However, despite their success in being promoted, their deficiencies may be more pronounced and cause difficulty in their ability to implement any ideas or plans for improvement they may have. No matter how good the idea may be it will be met with resistance if it is not communicated well and if the manager is not seen as having earned his position.
This idea of unproven leadership is not new. The book of James talks about how faith without deeds is useless. "In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead (James 2:17, NIV.)" The same idea can be applied to management or leadership. We have allheard
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