Management Skills and Style Assessment

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Man 111 Midterm

1) Bill Sanderson, a manager in a manufacturing firm in New York has a tendency to view the world only through his U.S.-based perspective. What can be deduced about his attitude?
A) He has an elitist attitude.
B) He has a polycentric attitude.
C) He has a parochialistic attitude.
D) He has a geocentric attitude.

2) Managers with a(n) ________ attitude view every foreign operation as different and hard to understand.
A) geocentric
B) polycentric
C) ethnocentric
D) regiocentric

3) In today's global environment, managers must have a(n) ________ attitude in order to be successful.
A) ethnocentric
B) parochial
C) bigoted
D) geocentric

4) Which of the following countries is a member of the European Union?
A) Ireland
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A) liaison
B) monitor
C) negotiator
D) resource allocator

20) Which of the following is not an example of an interpersonal role according to Mintzberg?
A) figurehead
B) leader
C) liaison
D) spokesperson

21) Understanding building codes would be considered a ________ skill for a building contractor.
A) human
B) technical
C) conceptual
D) empirical

22) Which of the following is true concerning the three managerial skills?
A) Technical skills tend to be most important for middle-level managers.
B) Conceptual skills are most important for lower-level managers.
C) Human skills remain equally important to all levels of management.
D) Technical skills increase and conceptual skills decrease in importance as a manager climbs the organizational chart.

23) Conceptual skills involve ________.
A) managing employees who use tools to produce the organization's products
B) communicating with customers
C) thinking about abstract and complex situations
D) inspiring enthusiasm and trust among employees

24) Increased accountability of employees is typically caused by ________.
A) increased digitization
B) increased emphasis on organizational ethics
C) security threats to the organization
D) discrimination concerns

25) The ________ view of social responsibility holds that management's only social responsibility is to maximize profits.
A) socioeconomic
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