Management Strategy And Decision Making

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Jared Dandridge
Part 3: Management Strategy and Decision Making
a. Executive Summary of Part 3 Part three of the textbook contains chapters 5 through 8 which give a broad overview of creating an overall strategy for a company. In short, this process creates the company’s mission statement. Our social media company Twitter mission statement states, “To give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.” This is very important because it allows both internal and external users to know what the company is about as a whole. The management strategy and decision making sections is a bit different from other aspects in business. Most of the other aspects focus more on functional areas, such as
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c. Chapter 6: Decision Making
Chapter 6 Article: Wall Street Applaud Twitter Executive Decision Chapter 6 explains the process of decision making in management. Managers make decisions every day and have to live with the consequences. In the moment decisions sometimes ignore long-term consequences, especially the unforeseen ones. That’s why managers need to see the big picture and begin the decision making process with planning and defining the goal. This chapter explains how companies should approach decision making to satisfy both short and long term success. In this news related article to Twitter decision makings, it exemplifies the importance of the actual person of who is making the decisions. According to this article, twitter shares increased after news that its chief executive Dick Costolo will step down. Costolo, who resigned voluntarily, has been the subject of scrutiny over the company slow user growth and advertising struggle. Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey will resume serving as the temporary Ceo until a replacement is found. This article relates to our company to show that decisions that management imposes on the company are direct a result of the success it has.
d. Chapter 7: Strategic Management
Chapter 7 Article: Twitter Lags way behind it Rivals Among Teens
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