Management Structure And Nature Of Emerson Electric

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Management Structure and Nature
How an organization is structured, its composition and quality has a great bearing on the performance of a company. Emerson Electric is a Private Company. As on March 2015, the Institutional Holdings (Institutional & Mutual Fund Owners) held 73% of its shares while the remaining was held by the public and other bodies.
The channel followed in the decisions making process of the Company is as follows:

The Board of the Company consists of 11 (eleven) Independent Directors and 2 (two) Inside Directors. They have expertise in the areas of business, finance, law, audit and public companies.
1. David N. Farr - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Emerson
2. Charles A. Peters- Senior Executive Vice President, Emerson
The Board of Directors of Emerson Electric are an excellent blend of experience and expertise. All the members of the Board have more than three decades of experience. They have joined the Board of Emerson from diverse functional and geographical areas of major corporations. With a high quality composition of the management, the value delivered to the stakeholders is much higher since there is greater trust and confidence of the shareholders, financial institutions, business associates and customers in the top management of the Company.
The Board also has sub-committees which deal with specific issues. These include Audit Committee, Compensation Committee, Corporate Governance and Nominating

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