Management Structure Of KFC

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“To be the leader in western style quick service restaurants through friendly service, good quality food and clean atmosphere” (Fatima, n.d) KFC Management structure (Fatima, n.d) Board of Directors David C. Novak, Executive Chairman Greg Creed, Chief Executive Officer Jiing-Shyh S, Executive Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer Michael J. Cavanagh, Senior Executive Vice President Brian C. Cornell, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer David W. Dorman, Non-Executive Officer Mirian M. Graddick-Weir, Executive Vice President Human Resources Jonathan S. Linen, Advisor to Chairman, American Express Company Keith Meister, Managing Partner, Corvex Management LP Thomas C. Nelson, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President, National Gypsum Company Thomas M. Ryan, Former Chairman and…show more content…
If the application is approved. A financial advisor is assigned to the hopeful franchisee in which help is awarded with finances and applying for a franchise loan. Funding Confirmation A franchise fee of R215000 is paid. Once the location of the franchise has been agreed on with the help of an analyst team, funding is confirmed by the bank. Training After the funding has been confirmed. A fee of approximately R6,041,000 is paid. The training period lasts a month before the opening of the restaurant and continues a month afterwards. Store Opening Nando’s will organise the lease and ensure that trading ensues under suitable financial conditions. Marketing of the new restaurant will be done by the Nando’s personnel. 22 September 2012 Press release of Robbie Broin receiving an award for Marketing Leadership and Innovation. (Loerie Awards) This year the short list included the following brand leaders: • Gavin Krenski – Brandhouse • George Sombonos – Chicken Licken • Claudia Mende – Mercedes Benz • Robbie Brozin – Nando’s • Enzo Scarcella – Vodacom Nandos Business Models Trading
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