Management Style At Jc Penney

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Management Style at JC Penney
In the retail industry, it is hard for a business to abandon all its previous strategies, such as locations and advertising strategies to make a fresh start. However, that is precisely what JCPenney and has been able to accomplish numerous times. Founded over a hundred years ago, the firm has undergone mass renovations with each change in leadership. Moreover, recently, JCPenney, has been reinvented once more, under the leadership of President Michael Francis and CEO Ron Johnson.
Together the two heads of JCPenney (JCP) originated from successful corporations and are currently fuelling such achievements into JCPenney. JCP’s restructurment occurred in February 2012 and has changed the assessing arrangement inside the store. The store has been imparted a new style with changes in marketing, rating, store location and administration. All of these variations have been developed to improve the company’s performance.
In the past, JCP had, on average, one price campaign every day. The stores were full of sale signs and retail rise was getting out of control. JCP partnered with numerous exclusive collaborations which was hoped to bring about an expansion for the firm. However, due to the economic slump, the oversaturation of the market, and an expected lack of quality in the goods from the consumer perspective, JCPenney’s success was degrading in contrast to its competitors. (Sloan, 2010).
Now, JCP aims to get rid of such negative customer…

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