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Running head: TOUGH GUY

Tough Guy
Allen Gaudinier, Jessica Hetrick, Tabitha Nelson
Sullivan University
Managing Organizational Conflict
Dr. Arango
February 20, 2011

Tough Guy Jeremy Frazer is an associate in investment banking that has to work with Chip Mazey the vice president. Mazey is a disgruntled vice president that was never polite and refused to take no for an answer. However Frazer is faced with the challenge of confronting Mazey about his behavior, but he is concerned if Mazey deny his behavior or do not think there is a problem. Frazer is also worried if he should escalate his issues with Mazey’s boss about the stories his coworkers had shared. Frazer has gathered all this information on Mazey which
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First, and foremost, we need to recognize that Mazey ultimately needs to change his management style—this would correct the issues altogether. Mazey needs to loosen up a bit when working alongside of others and get his power issues under control—as all the employees are now becoming very aggravated and uncomfortable working with him. As mentioned before, Mazey is currently operating on the competing shark management style—at the up most extreme—which isn’t right for this particular situation. Mazey needs to get on the board with the collaborating owl management style—which is a win-win environment. The collaborating owl management style will introduce a variety of things that will help Mazey be liked and easier to work with—for example, he will have to focus on identifying goals for the company and the relationships that are present. This management style will also help find solutions to problems that will be agreeable to all sides, as said before, is a win-win solution—with all negative feelings eliminated. Most often this management style is used when building or maintaining relationships is of most importance along with peer conflict being present. The only drawback with this management style is that it is very time consuming which means that Mazey will have to stick with it—basically do a 180 from where he is at right now. Mazey also needs to work on his relationships throughout the company as many of the employee’s dread performing/working

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