Management Style and Organisational Structure for a Driving School

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Introduction to Management Coursework Management Sciences East Anglian Driving School Introduction In this report I aim to produce a large organisation that will, if created, be successful within its market. I shall search and provide relevant background research and empirical evidence to help create the organisation. The main aims for this report are to produce an organisational and management structure that is appropriate for the company I aim to create. Business context The organisation I shall create in this report is East Anglian Driving School (EADS). The organisation shall consist of driving instructors throughout East Anglia with one central base in Norwich where administration, recruitment and training will take place.…show more content…
Although being centralised I feel it is vital to give empowerment to individual instructors allowing them the opportunity to teach in their style, whilst having the underlying approach of the driving school. With EADS being a widely dispersed business with many instructors communication between me and all of the instructors would be extremely difficult therefore a human resource department is needed to deal with problems and questions individuals may have. I believe EADS needs six main departments which will allow it to meet the objectives of giving it a competitive advantage over competitors. These are Marketing, HR, Sales, Finance, R&D and Recruitment. In line with a lot of businesses these days I feel that the need for middle managers is limited in these six departments. There will however be head of departments within the team in each section. No middle managers will reduce costs, which is fundamental to the aim of keeping costs low so prices can stay low. The head of dept. will be fairly experienced and this position will give opportunities for promotion in each department. I feel team working in the areas such as marketing, recruitment and human relations will provide the vital ingredients in to reduce costs and allow us to meet objectives of providing low cost tuition. At the bottom of our
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