Management Styles And Its Effect On Organizational Performance

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Management styles are the method of leadership ship that an administrator usually employs when running a business. The management style of leaders will influence on organizational climate, and the organizational climate has significant effect on organizational performance which is profit of enterprise. So managers have to think about that which management style they should take, and why they should take the style. According to Hay-McBer there are six management styles or leadership. The first one is the directive style which has the primary objective of immediate compliance from employees. In this style, the managers tend to let the staff do something in the way which to be told and closely controls them. The motivations of employees under this management style are threats and discipline. It is obviously that the style is suitable for the crisis situation or when deviations are risky. While when staffs are underdeveloped and they have little learning about it, or the employees become frustrated and resentful at micromanaging, the style will be ineffective. For example, Foxconn Technology Group, a fabrication plant, has become the main contractor of apple. The workers do the same thing day after day, and they cannot have their own idea about products. Moreover, Foxconn workers are allowed only a few minutes for toilet breaks and are barely permitted to talk to their colleagues. Even though it seems successful in its business, a spate of suicides occurred in 2010. It almost…
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