Management Styles And The Type Of Style

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Introduction Peak et al. (2010) noted, “Leadership is the heart and soul of any organization” (p. 50). Not all criminal justice managers are the same when it comes to leadership. Leadership is an important skill that should be utilized at all levels of rank. Good leadership skills will make a difference when it comes to rendering ethical decisions. Good leaders do not think about themselves, but rather, their actions and decisions are in the best interest of the organization, its shareholders and stakeholders. There will be an array of supervisory leadership styles, and that particular style will impact a subordinate’s work ethics as they look up to you as a source of guidance and leader. It is a moral obligation for supervisors at all ranks in a police department; to instill positive and good work ethics into the minds of less experienced officers. This case study will explore various management styles and the type of style I personally chose to lead by. This case study will also evaluate personnel disciplinary actions, rewards, and motivations in regards to my management style Analysis High expectations and efforts are expected from line level officers every day, and the same should be held for upper management especially in their management (organization), communication and leadership skills. There is no perfect method or system to render personnel discipline, rewards, and motivations. Effective organizational leaders have a duty to render decisions that are in the best
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