Management Styles Of Costco And Wal Mart

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Management styles affect every part of a company. The way executives chose to lead a company can affect the path which it takes, whether it is good or bad, that is up to management and their leaders. The following discussion on the management and corporate structures of Wal-Mart and Costco will be evidence for how Wal-Mart could benefit from using some of Costco 's corporate business practices. The management styles of Costco and Wal-Mart will be analyzed in the following paper that has been researched. The analysis of this topic will reveal that both Costco and Wal-Mart have some similarities, but mostly they have very different management styles that have bent them in different directions but with the same goal. Costco was the first company to grow from zero to $3 billion in sales in just 5 years. For the year ending on August 31, 201, the company 's sales totaled $99 billion, with $1.7 billion net profit. Costco is 19th on the 2014 Fortune 500. Wal-Mart has over 8,500 stores in 15 countries, under over 50 different names. The company operates under its own name in the United States, including the 50 states. It operates in Mexico as Walmex, in the United Kingdom as Asda, in Japan as Seiyu, and in India as Best Price. It has completely owned operations in Argentina, Brazil, and Canada. Wal-Mart’s investments outside North America have had mixed results: its operations in the United Kingdom, South America and China are highly successful. Costco and Wal-Mart have both had

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