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Management Styles of Apple, Google, and SEMCO There are some businesses in the world that stand out more then others due to their success and ability to stay relevant in their sectors. Three such companies, Apple, Google and Semco are like the "all-star" team of corporations that command respect at the mention of their names. The reasons for their success are illustrated in the business articles “Managing Without Managers,” “How Apple Got Everything Right by doing Everything Wrong,” and “Where does Google go from here?” These articles give us some historical information about the companies, and some insights into their management styles. Apple has become very successful with an autocratic system under Steve Jobs, Google is very good to…show more content…
Semco has done so well in generating quality products in an unconventional managerial environment that American companies are trying to understand Semco’s organizational skills. The biggest issue, elating to the success or failure of any business is management. In fact, the need for high standards of leadership has led to businesses spending millions of dollars every year to shape current employees into future assets. As Althouse et al. state, companies today usually rely on managers to guide the daily process using human, technological, financial, and other resources to create a competitive advantage (206). The traditional method of management involved a triangle shaped hierarchy. At the top of this hierarchy, were the authorities, or bosses. Below them, were managers, and underneath, supervisors and entry-level staff at the bottom (210). However, many companies have started to adjust this system in varying degrees, because as Semler mentioned, it is simply too far from the top of the pyramid to the bottom. In other words, the minor staffs do not communicate enough with the executives (Semler 1). With the move from autocratic, or top down management towards more participatory management style, companies can empower their staff. With increased autonomy, the staffs have more control over decisions, and their motivation increases. Apple is an excellent example of an autocratic leadership, in which there is a boss who leads his/her employees with clear

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