Management Styles

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Management Styles Trishma Samlal HCS/325 01/25/2015 Mosunmola Adeyemi Management Style There are several different types of management styles, which can determine your outcome. Autocratic, Laissez-faire, democratic and bureaucratic are all different managerial styles. From my quiz results I displayed a democratic type of management. I allow employees to make contributions to the decision-making process even thought I have final say in the choice. I offer clear guidelines and explain how procedures should be followed. The majority of my employees are satisfied, skilled at their jobs and motivated to perform. This is because of this management style, as it promotes creativity and diversity in the working Management Management can…show more content…
I also completed a part of the quiz about self-management, in this section I displayed the ability to use my time effectively and exercise authority. Managers implement six management functions as they carry out the process of management (Longest et al., 2000). These attributes include; planning, organizing, staffing, controlling, directing and decision making. From the overall quiz result I had the qualities of a good manager. Qualities of a Bad Manager Being a manager does not automatically make you develop specific qualities that promotes efficient and effective working habits, in fact, many managers display poor managerial qualities. A manager who shows a lack of integrity, lack of performance, has poor communication skills, is unsupportive to others, doesn’t have a vision, inflexible, cannot focus, never accepts responsibility and has a self-serving attitude is one that can be deemed to have poor managerial qualities. Different Situations Having good managerial qualities should not change depending on the situation. If we use these qualities in all aspects of our lives, we are likely to have the same positive outcomes. In all circumstances we should strive to plan ahead by making goals, develop clear and organized means to reach those objectives. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who are able to follow instructions and contribute. It is important to have a sense of authority and control and to be able to lead others. Be
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