Management Styles Throughout the World

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Management Styles throughout the World

Tambra Sullivan

Minot State University – BADM 535


A management style is a leadership method used by a manager. As diverse as cultures are throughout the world, so are management styles. A key value underlying the American business system is reflected in the notion of a never ending quest for improvement. The prevailing question is can it be done better? (Roa, 2010). In other cultures, the strength and power of those in command rest on the premise that the status quo demands stable structure. (Roa, 2010). Researchers debate whether it is organizational or ethnic culture that is predominant. In today’s business environment,
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It can create an environment of fear and resentment, leading to high turnover and absenteeism. It can also stifle creative ideas and limit fresh ideas. (Kisner, 2011). Of all the management styles, this one is the only one that lends itself toward a tendency for abuse by the manager. Some managers take their role to extreme, belittling and humiliating employees by yelling or reprimanding them in public. It is also the least likely management style to show praise for a job well done, instead opting for reprimands for mistakes made.
Democratic leadership solicits input from others. (Bateman & Snell, 2009). This type of manager is open to the opinions of others and welcomes their contribution in the decision making process. (Democratic Leadership, 2010). For this management style to work successfully, robust communication between the managers and the subordinates is a must. It is best used when making decisions on complex matters where a range of expert advice and opinion is required. An advantage with this style, since employees are involved in the decision-making process, they are more committed to the desired outcome. Another advantage is it creates a collaborative environment, often resulting in more thorough solutions to problems. (Democratic Leadership, 2010). Many employees report that they find this work environment enjoyable and experience a
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