Management Styles in the Workplace

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Management styles are wide and varied across the entire world of work. The specific type of management that works for one particular set of workers does not always work for another group of employees. Almost everyone has come into direct contact with a manager at some point in their careers. It is the relationship between the employee and the manager that must be keenly developed; in order for an office, factory, restaurant, or similar organization to run smoothly and effectively. When an organization is being managed efficiently, workers are much more upbeat, production levels are optimal, and the overall working environment has a fragrance of positivity. In sharp contrast, when an organization is ineffectively managed, more times than…show more content…
Little did they understand that through the Teamwork Style of leadership, every member on the team was able to formulate the plan that was given by the manager to suit their own personal work style; provided the job was done right. One team-work project in particular was the shipping and receiving of airplane parts. If one member of the team was more skilled in checking in the airplane parts, then that would be his assigned task. If another team member was more skilled at distributing the airplane parts throughout the plant then they would be assigned that specific job. If one of the team had a problem or concern about the job project, then the other team members would make positively sure that they were helped before they went to the manager. This approach helped immensely to show that team work is an effective way of getting a large project done with relative ease. The team concept also helped to increase the awareness of team members to fellow team members. If team members are helping each other on a daily basis, then eventually they will begin to think as a collective team; not as individuals who happen to have similar jobs. Conflict resolution is the next huge next step that we will deal with concerning the team work concept. If one of his employees had a problem or concern with something that was work or personally related, he always maintained a wide-open door policy with his team
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