Management, Supervision, And Evaluation Of Non Instructional Personnel Essay

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Building Action Plan #1 - Final Reflective Essay Management, supervision, and evaluation of non-instructional personnel Introduction After careful review of my personal growth plan, one of the areas that I felt needed to master to become an effective leader, is the supervision of non-instructional personnel. Supervision of non-instructional personnel is as critical and valuable as instructional personnel to an educational leader. Qualified, effective, and efficient non-instructional staff plays a key role in sustaining positive school climate. The National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments also reiterates that the school support staff plays an important role in fostering a positive and trusting relationship with students. The non-instructional personnel model positive behavior to students and support staff on many occasions. Process As an intern, I will learn the process of supervising non-instructional personnel, interviewing the school nurse, media specialist, custodian, and the attendance clerk. Furthermore, I will interview the building administrator to learn the process and importance of managing, supervising, and evaluation of non-instructional personnel. The interview consists of the introduction, challenges, and what the employee enjoys most as a professional. Additionally, each interviewer was asked about the process and acceptance of evaluation procedures followed by the school district. Finally the administrator was interviewed to discuss about

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