Management Team From Liuc.w Post Consulting Group

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xecutive Summary

The Management Team from LIU C.W Post Consulting Group Inc would like to Thank the Executive Staff from Nature by Design for this opportunity to evaluate your current business growth needs and present a Business Technology Solution that will meet all current expansion demands and pain points while also protecting your current investments and managing a non-disruptive transition to a more efficient future state of business. After many discovery sessions and discussions with business owners Keri Yamaguchi and Stan Fenton we understand that your main goals are to automate and centralize business processes and enable scalability of your backend management systems while driving efficiency into these processes for greater
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Proposed Solution
If NBD would move their business management processes to a SaaS-based web solution to address scalaibility and efficiency the high level transition is fairly simple. All we need to do is establish an Account with a SaaS provider, familiarize your staff with the shift to use these process, then provide internet access for users to connect to the new SaaS-based software which NBD already has 5 computers in the office, plus we can use your existing server as a means of backing up Yardbook data so that you have a local copy which serves as both data protection and as business continuance/disaster recovery enabling you to continue to run your business if a event occurs that blocks internet access. We will cover all agreed topics below addressing mitigating risks, transitioning costs and procedure, and establishing new processes in this shift to a more scalable efficient business model.
Network Infrastructure
NBD currently has a local area network with basic internet connectivity at their office. We have assessed the bandwidth requirements for SaaS access and recommend that you upgrade your ISP Connection to a 24Mbps minimum guaranteed bandwidth link which is only slightly more
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