Management Theories And Organizational Leadership

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Introduction I have been asked to discuss how management theories is used to help managers achieve good organisational leadership and teach them what attributes they should possess to obtain this. Furthermore, will be discussing what may be considered bad or good practice of organisational leadership. This will be done by analysing different management theories defined as “A collection of ideas which set forth general rules on how to manage a business or organization.” (, n.d.)Management theories speaks about how managers can relate to their companies through their personalities and with the knowledge of the organisations goals and what it wishes to achieve , the execution of effective means accomplish these goals and…show more content…
Discussed by Max Weber he described bureaucracy as companies that have complete control of its staff, with strict discipline and rules where salaries are usually fixed and does not vary depending on amount of work or quality of work produced. Seniority is usually rewarded with promotions meaning even if there is someone who has been with the company for a less amount of time but is more suited for the job such as a position available in management. A bureaucratic organisation possess tall hierarchical structures where authority and decision making runs from top to bottom, clearly defined specialised jobs such as accountants in the accounting division that makes it harder for job rotation because they are specialised in one topic mainly and not the other jobs partook around them. There are many benefits and critiques of a traditional structure such as clear communication between levels, and the company’s efficiency to be very high due to complete control. Although, due to the repetition of work, it can be seen as very demotivating, where the employees have no say in decision making and work is dehumanising which could affect the production levels and output Therefore, for one to practice good leadership in this type of structure they would be required to have the attributes of being able to demand respect from managers and employees to have absolute
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