Management Theories And Practices : Final Project

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Management Theories and Practices – Final Project A Study of HEB Grocery Heralded as “the smartest supermarket you never heard of” (Dooley, R., 2014) HEB Grocery (HEB) is currently celebrating 110 years in business. Founded in 1905, in the Texas Hill Country town of Kerrville, HEB began as little more than an ambitious dream and a $60 cash investment (Lester, S., 2015). Today, HEB operates over 340 stores throughout Texas and Mexico, serving over 155 communities, employing over 70,000 partners (rather than simply “employees”), and has amassed retail sales of over $20 billion annually. These accomplishments have garnered such accolades as “2010 Retailer of the Year” by Progressive Grocer (Vaughn, V., 2010); “#15 America’s Largest Private Companies” by Forbes Magazine (Forbes, 2013) and was the first company – rather than an individual – to be inducted into the Texas Business Hall of Fame (Dennis, J., 2013). What separates HEB from its competitors in the Texas and Mexico markets, however, can be found in its Bold Statement (vision statement): “HEB partners taking a stand together to build the greatest retailing company.” For HEB, being the greatest is not measured in just annual sales, or the number of stores in operation. HEB focuses equally on serving customers, partners and communities at levels that surpass normal expectations. By doing so, HEB has positioned itself as a major force in the retail world. For full disclosure, I am a Seafood Department Manager with HEB, and
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