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Organization and Management Theories Heather Lunn-Howard HCS/514 11/3/2014 Jeani Thomas

In this paper I will give an overview of four areas of management theory: Scientific Management, Human relations Theory, Bureaucracy, and administrative science. Along with some background on where each theory came from.
Scientific Management Frederick Taylor, with his theories of Scientific Management, helped mold our modern management styles. In the early 1900s, Frederick Taylor pushed for change from the personal management to a new idea of scientific management. Under personal management, a person in charge was chosen simply because they were smart and knew more and possible had more experience than the
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While Taylor's impacts were the establishment of the industrial engineering, quality control and personnel departments, the human relations movement allowed for change in the way management was leading their workers. We still see this as a big part of today’s management styles.
About the same time as the Hawthorne experiments were ongoing, Max Weber was pushing away from value-oriented thinking and action as a result of emotions.. He believed that a society was seeking technology over human emotions and thinking. Weber developed a set of principles for the "ideal" bureaucracy strictly managing companies "by the book". He felt that setting official jurisdictional areas, dictating a firm chain of command, and written policies along with thorough and expert training would make the best environment for any company to work. Weber felt that having these things in place would eliminate the need for management to have to make choices. The choices on how to deal with all situations would be in the written policies. Weber believed this would meet the company’s goals in the most efficient manner possible. Weber saw his environment transitioning from older emotion and tradition driven values to technological ones. It is unclear if he realized the effects of bureaucracy on a growing government or the military at the time. If he had he might have realized that the

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