Management Theories of Mcdonald's Essay

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Management Theories Implemented by McDonald’s McDonald’s demonstrates many different aspects of classical management, including aspects of Frederick Taylor’s scientific management and Henri Fayol’s management principles. McDonald’s also displays how their management styles compares to their competition and how it has led to an effective organization. Taylor’s management style is evident through McDonald’s training, specific systems, and education; while Fayol’s management style manifests through McDonald’s division of labor and authority. McDonald’s and other fast food industry restaurant’s validate their effective use of management theory through their exemplary company standings throughout the world. Frederick Winslow Taylor, known…show more content…
For example, every cashier at McDonald’s has a set of standard questions including “Small, Medium, or Large” and “Would you like fries with that?” McDonald’s also uses a register to confirm, assemble, and check the order; in addition to using computer systems to transmit the order into the holding bins for the kitchens use. In order to increase efficiency, McDonald’s has a specific technique for making its food. For example, the patties are seared on each side and then removed from the grilled when the system indicates, followed by the condiments being applied in premeasured quantities, and the sandwich being wrapped. All of these tasks are performed by different individuals in order to make each task as effective as possible. Finally, Taylor believes in encouraging high production though incentives. Giving a set wage will only encourage low production because the employee is receiving the same payment regardless of their productive rate. In order to fix this problem, Taylor encouraged creating incentives through a reward system. McDonald’s motivates its employees through programs such as Employee of the Month, Company car program, and the recognition program; where the employees receive acknowledgement for their hard work. McDonald’s also includes programs that encourage motivated work through access to gift cards, free food, and merchandise. Lastly, McDonald’s will give top employees “bonuses based on the performance of their business
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