Management Theories of Myer

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Simple article: Myer Holdings Limited 2011, Annual Report 2010/2011, Melbourne.

As the largest department store chain in Australia, Myer runs its business in Australia more than 100 years, it has 60 stores all over Australia, and Myer is trying to maintain a leading position in the retail trade; a number of management strategies are applied. In order to know how Myer’s managers maintain the performance of Myer, this essay will focus on analyst the important characters of management theories that Myer will use in their management system in the future, including the area of motivation, managing in a global environment and managing information.

Motivation can be defined as psychological forces that determine the direction
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The desired outcomes that Myer’s managers used was raised the salary for the members who had more contribution for the company. On the other hand, the social learning theory works on Myer’s management system also. Myer encourage their members to learn some good behaviour or skills from other members, the managers will monitor the performance and correct the mistakes they made. In 2011, Myer received many positive feedbacks from team members and customers (Myer 2011, p11), which means the members were satisfied with this management theory and they were kept a good motivation, then they would try their best to provide services to fulfil customers’ needs.

Managing in a global environment
It is a more complex job for managers to operate a company based on the global business environment, but it can be also treat as a challenging for them, because it is a more open environment – organisations are free to buy goods and services from all over the world easily and convenient. The following paragraph will discuss how Myer managers operate the company in the global environment in 3 specific area, supplier, customer and competitor.
Supplier: Myer has more than 800 suppliers all over the world currently, to achieve the goal of world-class supply chain,, Myer established two global sourcing offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong in 2011 to enable them to further develop their direct sourcing capabilities (Myer 2011, p11). In the global market environment,
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