Management Theory And Management Theories

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The overall purpose of developing the management theories is to bring out better ways to manage people. According to Aguinaldo & Powell (2002), management theory evolves con-stantly with the continuous stream of new ideas that come from the attempts to transform theory into practice, and vice versa. As essential personnel identify promising methods that assist in managing responsibilities, it will lead to management theories progressing. This paper will il-lustrate how management theories have emerged over the years and it will point out the primary reason why it has prospered. I will introduce the management theories that present around the twentieth century. First, you have scientific management, which focused on employees and work to elevate their overall effectiveness. Next, you had administrative management, which focused primarily on the structure of management and the organization. Behavioral management theory which was popular prior to the Second World War was all about the behaviors of managers and the way they supervised their employees in order to get overall effectiveness. Last, you had management sci-ence theory which was also popular during the Second World War, assisted managers and moni-tored the organization abilities.

Scientific Management Theory The overall process of scientific management was founded by the late Fredericks Taylor which thoughts were to change work procedures in an order to increase good productivity.
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