Management Theory, Human Relations Theory Essay

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The organisational process that includes strategic planning, setting objectives and managing resources, deploying the human and financial assets needed to achieve objectives, and measuring results constitute elements of what we regard as management. (Brooks, 2005) It is directed towards the achievement of aims and objectives through influencing the efforts of others. Management theories are deployed to guide our day-to-day activities and interventions in order to increase productivity of our organisation and to find out the best possible way of carrying out business activities. Most managers today, make use of more than one management theory when implementing strategies in the workplace, and the two most popular management theories include; Classical management theory, human Relations theory. Managers in organisations today are faced with the responsibility of creating and sustaining a competitive organisation, and to also work to achieve economic and social objective. One very important duty of a manager is to constantly evaluate the market in which the organisation operates and the behaviour of competitors. Besides having to do all these, the manager has to critically examine the activities in the organisation. (Brooks, 2005)

Chester Barnard (1938) who proposed the first theory of organisation known as the ‘natural systems theory of management’ saw organisations as cooperate systems, which he defined as “a complex of physical,
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