Management Theory Of A Good Manager

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We live in a world where communication is easier than ever, yet face-to-face conversations tend to be difficult to maintain. Interaction is becoming increasingly digitalised, with most of us rather sending an e-mail then arranging a meeting. But one management method challenges our communication strategies by calling for deeper integration of actual conversations into the workplace. Management by walking around has been around for a while, but what is the strategy about? We’ll explore the history and the concept behind this management theory. Before providing you tips on how to best utilise the method, we’ll look into the strengths and weaknesses of it as well. 1 What is management by walking around? You’ve probably encountered plenty of management theories and you might have your own ideas about effective management style. A key part of being a good manager is of course being in touch with your subordinates. In order for management to work, you need to be aware of what is going on around you and this is, essentially, what management by walking around is about. The history of the method Before we examine the definition of the theory, it’s auspicious to consider its history. After all, walking is part of the functions of being a human, so how did it become a noticeable part of management? Although the concept of having management walk amongst subordinates and talk to them face-to-face, had been used by managers and organisations for decades, the term ‘Management by
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