Management Theory Essay

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Management Theory
The purpose of management is to utilize personnel, assets, and resources to complete a set of tasks in an effective and efficient manner. Managers have their own styles when managing projects and personnel, and many theories have been made since the nineteenth century to determine the best practices. In the nineteenth century during the Industrial Revolution, as employment in businesses grew, the need for management increased. Large business owners found a need for theory management in the workplace in order to effectively and efficiently produce results. Management became a profession as these theories became common-place in the workforce (Goddard, 2009).
Dr. W. Edwards Deming
Dr. W. Edwards Deming is considered
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Dr. Juran’s work in quality management was instrumental in the development of the widely practiced Six Sigma and Lean manufacturing methodologies (Bunkley, 2008).
Dr. Juran consulted with multiple companies to help with improving the quality of their products. He found that even though the businesses were different, they had similar quality problems. In 1964, he wrote the book Managing Breakthrough which identified a universal process for improving quality (Juran, 2004).
Dr. Juran found that the manager provides two basic functions; to create change (breakthrough) or prevent change (control), and the process is universal. By following the same steps in either situation, the manager will have a quality end product (Juran, 1964/1995).
Carly Fiorina
Carly Fiorina served as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Hewlett-Packard (HP) from 1999-2005, and was considered one of the most powerful women in business. She was appointed as CEO of HP during the decline of the tech boom, at a time when making money in the technical industry was very difficult. She knew there must be radical changes made in order to survive, which meant she would need to take risks. She had a vision for HP and was not afraid to sell it to the board members. In 2001, HP acquired Compaq and became the world’s largest personal computer manufacturer (Fiorina, 2006).
Management philosophy.
Fiorina’s management philosophy while at HP was to take risks. When she arrived at HP, the management climate

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